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Constitutional Capital

Bolivia has a population of 10,027,643 and is comprised of nine departments. The city of Sucre is the capital of the department of Chuquisaca, and it also is the constitutional capital of Bolivia. The first shout of liberty in America was heard in the city of Sucre.

As one of the oldest cities in South America, Sucre boasts unequaled colonial beauty. UNESCO declared Sucre to be a World Heritage Culture and Historic Site and Monument City of America.

The peaceful atmosphere of Sucre creates an ideal place to rest and get away from the metropolitan atmosphere of a modern city. With an altitude of 9,022 feet (2,750 meters) above sea level, Sucre enjoys a moderate climate. The population of this city is 247,300 (2006 census).

Sucre is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities of South America. It is a very orderly and clean city. In this quiet town, people walk from one place to another through plazas, parks, and colonial streets surrounded by beautiful, well-preserved historical buildings. These buildings are painted a traditional pure white and proudly display luxurious balconies and traditional architecture. Gardens with beautiful, green grass and aromatic flowers surround the monuments, parks and historical attractions. It is an ideal place to sit down and read a favorite book, relax, mediate, get a good tan or simply watch the crowd pass by.




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