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Food is very important.

Chuquisaqueño Sausages: A typical food that is usually served before noon—often with beer. Since the Era of the Republic, (when Sucre was the seat of the Government, the Judicial power and the Legislative branch) Chuquisaqueño Sausages have been famous in Bolivia.

As a very popular dish in Sucre, it is one of the most well-known and elaborate recipes.

Mondongo: A dish that is found in any kitchen in Sucre. It is usually prepared for All Saints Day during the first week of November. Made of pork and red chili pepper, it is served with mote (soaked corn), yellow chili pepper, and boiled potatoes. The pork cooked with red chili peppers gives the meat a bright red color, and the yellow corn contrasting with the red pork makes a very pretty dish. It is usually served piping hot.

Ají de palomitas: Ground chili pepper cooked with popped wheat or popped corn and served with potatoes and different kinds of meat.

Ckoko: Native version of the coq-au-vin prepared with chicha and chili peppers.

Broth Empanadas: Regional variety of the salteña.

Santa Clara Empanadas: Empanadas filled with minced chicken. This dish originated at the Convent of Santa Clara.

Jolke: Beef kidney cooked in thick chili pepper sauce and served with boiled potatoes.

K’arapecho: Dried beef fried with mote (soaked corn).

Menudito: Chopped chicken and beef in pork broth with mote (soaked corn) and julienne hot peppers.

Mistelas: Liquor made of fruits marinated in alcohol.

Picante de cola: Beef tail cooked with chili peppers and served with boiled potatoes.

Popesitos: A small plate of beef roast and potatoes. A preferred dish of Dr. Pope, a well known lawyer.

Sullka: Beef and organ meat prepared on the grill and served with mote (soaked corn).

Cardan Caldito: Consommé made of bull penis and served with boiled potatoes. Recommended for combating a hangover.




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